The Adirondack Quilt

Kathy brought me an Adirondack-themed quilt. She designed this quilt for a cabin in the Adirondacks. It’s for a bed made from whole logs!  The main part of the quilt has blocks with loons, bears, trees, fish and deer; the outer border of the quilt has star blocks. It’s going to look perfect on that log bed.  I really wanted the quilting to highlight the piecing and applique work.

Here are some of the individual blocks and stars:

loon in progress

I was still working on this loon block when I took this picture. I really wanted the applique to stand out, and the quilting to be subtle. I used Invisafil thread around the edge of the applique, to create the wing texture, and to create the water movement.

Loons are interesting; they almost look like they have curved cross-hatching on their backs in “real life”:

loon with babies.PNG

The real loon looks a little more busy than the appliqued loon!

Next, a tree block:tree

The applique has a satin stitch all the way around. Using Invisafil thread, which is very fine, I quilted at the very edge of the satin stitch.  Then, using a soft gold Invisafil thread, I added the tree shapes in the background (they’re actually much straighter than in this picture, which is a little distorted).

Star blocks:

I stitched in the ditch for each star, and added detail in the center square. Each block is different. Again, I used Invisafil in colors that matched.

Lots of fun with this quilt, and it’s going to look great in that cabin!

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I love fabric and I love quilting even more.
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