A leaf and seeing double, twice

My mom had twins (17 months after she had me) and I had twins (they’re 23 now). So it seems only natural that there’s a set of twin fawns frolicking in our yard this summer. We are having a drought; I do worry about them a bit, but they seem to enjoy feasting on the leaves in the little patch of woods behind the kitchen:

deer twins

So that’s the first “double”.  The second “double” is a pair of baby comforters that I am quilting up right now. Two baby panels.  I didn’t even cut them apart before I put them on the machine. I can do that later. Here goes:

two baby comforters

I’m using a cotton batt, Glide thread on top, Bottom Line in the bobbin – my favorite combination.

And now the leaf.  Nancy brought me this quilt. It’s a Quiltworx pattern (you can find it here) called “One”.

one leaf on the machine

This quilt has a cotton batt and is quilted with Invisafil on the top, and Bottom Line on the bottom. I stitched 1/4 inch away from all the seams in the leaf, vertical lines on the light side, and diagonal lines on the dark side.  I really love the fabrics she chose for this quilt.



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I love fabric and I love quilting even more.
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