Practice quilts

I practice quilting (a lot) so I end up with these good-size pieces of quilted fabric, with all of my mistakes quilted in.  I sewed two of these pieces into a pillow-case sized sack, stuffed them with bits and pieces of batting and fabric, and sewed them shut.  The result? Two “dog beds” suitable for a small dog or pretty much any sized cat. Here are my friend Tricia’s two babies, settling down for a comfy summer snooze:kitties on beds

This proves that practice does indeed make purrfect!


About freshairquilting

I love fabric and I love quilting even more.
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1 Response to Practice quilts

  1. Tricia Franz says:

    Brookie and Salmo can’t thank you enough for their comfy new snuggle spots! They honestly love hand made items more than any store bought thing you could buy them.


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