Ellie’s Mod Ornaments

I’m so happy to report that I have a new and improved cell phone, with a much better camera than the one I’d been using.  It really helps when photographing quilts, especially quilts I really like, such as this one.

Ellie inspired me to make this quilt.  Her Christmas 2016 decor was Absolutely Fabulous. Rich jewel tones, luscious textures, lots of teal and magenta and gold and silver. I am a Christmas Decoration junkie…it was wonderful.  I had already fallen in love with the “Mod Ornaments” pattern from SewKindOfWonderful ( you can find the free pattern here ); Ellie’s use of color inspired me to make this quilt (I previewed a few snippets of it earlier).

So here it is:


The prints are mostly from a layer cake.  The solid is a light gray from American Made by Cloth Works.  I used two batts, an 80/20 on the bottom, topped with a wool batt.  Glide 40 and Glide 60 thread.

Here’s another picture:


I really like the SewKindOfWonderful patterns.  They really showcase pretty fabrics, and leave lots of room for pretty quilting.


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  1. Andrea says:

    Love it!


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