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My Story (well, part of it)

I’m Pati of Fresh Air Quilting. I’ll explain the peacock later.

I learned to sew at my mother’s knee, so it’s safe to say I’ve sewn all my life, mostly clothing and home decor. As we started our own family, several of my friends suggested I might enjoy quilting, but I wasn’t attracted to quilts at all. I sewed clothing for myself and our first two children, on a really unreliable inexpensive sewing machine.

My Mom (a Bernina salesperson, at that time) and my husband gave me a Bernina 1030 sewing machine for Christmas – which included the excellent Bernina training.  It was at that class, near the very end of the day, that I was introduced to free motion quilting. The instructor handed us a small quilt sandwich, showed us how to drop the feed dogs, and off we went.

I felt like I’d grown wings and learned to fly.

I’ve been quilting ever since.  I love fabric, I like piecing, and I still feel my wings flutter when I quilt.

About That Peacock

A little while back, two adolescent male peacocks showed up in our backyard. We live out in the country so there was a lot of room for them. They must have liked it in our backyard, because they hung out with us for an entire spring, summer, fall, and into the winter.

They slept in the trees in our old orchard at night. They followed my husband as he mowed the lawn, eating the bugs flying out of the lawn clippings. They peered at me through our windows when I typed on my laptop.  As the weeks passed, they morphed from weird, brownish, dull birds into spectacular peacocks. They were gorgeous and totally unpredictable.

As winter came, one left for “greener pastures”, and one stayed. bird2I called him Kevin. He liked to hang out on our front porch. When the snow was deep, his tail feathers dragged across the snow as he landed right near our front door.Bird

And then Kevin was gone, too. I don’t want to forget him, so thanks to my friend Kathy at Towner Graphics, he is on my logo.




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  1. J. A. Ver Hoeven says:

    Coolest Quilts! Coolest Website! What a combo!


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