My Log Cabin

I started chipping away at my stash about a year ago, specifically the scraps.  I had a really nice, large twig basket crammed so full of scraps that so far, I have made 3 “jelly roll” style quilt tops, a mega-jelly-roll quilt top (using 6″ strips rather than 2.5 inch strips), and a log cabin quilt top.

Here’s one of the jelly roll quilts.  I added a 10″ white border, and made a coordinating pillowcase that uses the binding fabric as an accent.  It was a gift to a young lady heading off to college:


More on the other jelly rolls later!

Here’s the log cabin.  It’s still a flimsie; I hope to get to it sometime this summer.  I don’t usually like high contrast quilts for myself, but I like the way these fabrics work together.



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I love fabric and I love quilting even more.
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